This is an excellent solution for me, and I definitely prefer it over all those drugs and medications. The device looks good and it’s easy to use – I felt it was safe from the start. I adjusted the energy level and felt only a pleasant sensation.


All testimonials are actual. To protect privacy, all images are representations.

I have been using Vertica for around 5 or 6 weeks. I really have to say, Vertica really does deliver something! I have been taking pills up until now to engage in sexual activity.  I haven’t had any night time or spontaneous erections for nearly 2 years.

So far, I have seen good results from Vertica . My erections have gone from about 40-50% to 80-90% meaning my penis is now hard enough for sexual activity.

A prosthesis was actually planned, but, Luckily I won’t be doing that anymore.

I can really say that Vertica saved my life.

Because of my erection problems and the psychological pressure I felt I was let down physically and mentally. My condition was so bad that I tried to take my own life. I was a high-performing athlete before I had severe erection problems

developed. Unless you have experienced Erectile dysfunction you can’t imagine what problems it can cause.

I was a happy person who loved life. After the erection problems I was a wreck. For me it was the worst disease I could ever get and I think a lot of men feel the same way. I also believe that the suicide rate for men with erection problems also must be high.

From my experiences, I have been in touch with other  men lately, who felt the same way as me. I can say 100% that Vertica delivers and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Vertica device.

I hope Vertica helps me further, so that maybe I can achieve 100% erections again at some point.

B, 33 years old

Honestly  this deivce  is miracle.  My ED 90% gone. The little bit problem I have left is psychological. I used to waste money on medicines, supplements etc. for the last few years, I don’t anymore.
Hours glass penis shape 80% gone
I feel like there’s a power inside Penis all the time now.  Penis deadness  95% gone
Alway  penis feel fully.  Yesterday  I did sex  with girl i didn’t face too much struggling in maintaining  and achieving erection.
Vertica  is maricel   for  organic  Ed.

N, 53 years old

Peter, 71, has had erection problems since his early sixties. He left a failing marriage and met his current partner 10 years ago. “When you have erection issues, it especially affects your confidence when you meet someone new,” he told i.

He’s used the device for two months now. “It works,” he said. “There is a definite improvement. There’s more willingness to get erect and stay erect.”

Peter, takes Viagra and says he will continue to do so. “I’m benefiting from ‘double support’ with both the pills and the Vertica. We have sex once or twice a week and my erection now feels better and stronger.”

Peter, 71 years old

I am still processing my recent experience, after 5 Vertica Sessions.  This is only an interim reporting. I think that there is going to be a Real Success Story that is Going to be Told in the way of an Upcoming Testimonial.

I achieved a  90%  erection, and successful ejaculation !  Always having been conservative and cautious, I am a little reluctant to say something at this relatively early stage, however, my excitement is beyond ecstatic.

After 25 years, without the aid of meds or a Penis Pump, I have achieved an organic sexual experience !  More to follow later.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

R, 69 years old. Ontario, Canada

Opinions about Vertica on reddit

Opinions about Vertica on reddit

From Reddit, January 2024

Opinions about Vertica on reddit

From Reddit, January 2024

Opinions about Vertica on reddit

From Reddit, February 2024

I’ve been using the Vertica device now for two months as recommended. During the first month, I used it 3 times a week, and in the second month, I used it twice a week.

I want to highlight that I am experiencing significant improvement, with longer erections, and I can now have relations twice a week. In the morning when I wake up I have a morning erection like I did when I was 18. Another thing is that my libido returned, which had been dormant for almost a decade. I have diabetes, I don’t drink, and I am afraid to take any pills – so for me this is a genius invention and has given me a reason to live.

Thank you!


All testimonials are actual. To protect privacy, all images are representations.

H, 66 years old

I am 41 years old, self-employed and happily married.
I purchased the Vertica device about 3 months ago as I was suffering from significant and persistent erectile function problems that were not resolved even with the help of pills prescribed by my doctor.
I have juvenile diabetes and take insulin to treat my diabetes as well as take pills to manage my blood pressure. Since using the device, my life has changed in this respect, my erectile function has improved a lot and I am very satisfied with the results.

I even told the company representative that ‘if the Vertica device helps me to perform the way I do today, surely it can benefit a lot of people’. I highly recommend the use of Vertica.
All testimonials are actual. To protect privacy, all images are representations.

Y, 41 years old

Hi, I am a retired physician from ******* Hospital – my specialty is *******.

I have been using Vertica RF device and believe that it has made a substantial contribution in developing a very good erection. I am post-radiotherapy for ****** around 9 years ago.
Are you able to supply additional US gel for continued usage. I don’t want to buy a large quantity – but am prepared to acquire 2 bottles if possible.

With many thanks,
R***** ****** M.D.


*The parts marked with an asterisk are displayed in place of the original content to maintain customer privacy.


All testimonials are actual. To protect privacy, all images are representations.

R, 82 years old

I have been using Vertica for 5 months, and currently I use it once a week, sitting freely in front of the TV during the treatment.
I feel much better – I wake up with morning erections that I didn’t have before using Vertica and I also manage to maintain my erection during intercourse without falling throughout the act.
I don’t really like this double click of yours but overall, I am very satisfied with the improvement and the feeling in general. I thought about stopping using it but right now I prefer to continue because the results are really good.


All testimonials are actual. To protect privacy, all images are representations.

D, 64 years old

I purchased a Vertica device about 8 months ago when the starting point in terms of my function was very low, even using pills didn’t help improve the function at all!
I performed the recommended treatment consistently and exactly according to instructions for the first 3 months (about 40 treatments), after which I continued with the treatments at a reduced frequency that I determined myself in order to maintain the good condition.
My function improved a lot and I began to enjoy good erections and in some cases even very good ones. I also experience spontaneous morning erections and sometimes in combination with the pill my function returned to “the old days”.
It is important for me to note that about two months have passed since the last treatment and without active maintenance treatment and my function is still excellent and to my satisfaction.
From my personal experience I highly recommend using the device.


All testimonials are actual. To protect privacy, all images are representations.

A, 85 years old