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The world's only solution that restores spontaneous erections

Erectile quality
Erectile Quality

For men who want to enhance their erectile quality or gain a confidence boost in their sexual performance.


Enjoy long-term effect and improved erection mechanism, without creating any dependence or need for timing before sexual intercourse.

Medical home device

Discreet delivery of the device to your home. Perform treatments in your home in an intimate and relaxed setting.

Real-time feedback during treatment
Real-time feedback during treatment

Treatment progress and quality tracking right on your mobile.

Verticaplus. The world's only solution that restores spontaneous erections
ED treatment prescription free

No medical prescription is required to use the device. Obtain your own device for long-term use without medical intervention.

ED treatment drug free

Non-invasive RF energy-based treatment with no medication or side effects.

ED treatment non invasive

Stand-alone treatment that is safe to use without medical intervention or invasive procedures.

Attain optimal results
Attain optimal results

Real-time guidance from our Customer Care team gives you the confidence that you are getting the most effective treatments.

Easy & simple use by Vertica®

Simple & easy to use

Vertica®’s foolproof design lets you take charge of your love life on your own terms. With a subtle light and sounds, it will easily guide you through each home treatment.

An unique flexible ring

No pain, no drugs

Using a unique flexible ring, Vertica® delivers gentle RF waves to stimulate and strengthen collagen fibers in the tunica albuginea—the part of the penis directly involved in maintaining erections.
You’ll feel a pleasant warm sensation and confidence knowing that each treatment is bringing you one step closer to the erections you want.

Track your treatment data right from your mobile

Track your treatment data right from your mobile

The App is your companion during the treatment, with real-time feedback and a calendar to schedule and manage your treatment regimen. Share your data with our Customer Care team via the cloud-based app to optimize all treatment parameters.

Improve tissue entire erection mechanism

360° treatment

Enjoy effective, long-lasting results thanks to Vertica®’s unique full-genital design. The ring and pad attachment work together to improve tissue health through the entire erection mechanism.
During each full treatment, these accessories effectively conduct RF energy to the penile tissue. This allows for enhanced blood flow into the penis, improved outflow control, and better-quality erections in general.



Using Vertica®
The kit of the Verticaplus device


Up to three 15-minute treatments a week 2 sessions per treatment. Results in 6 weeks. Full 1-year warranty.

Erectile dysfunction treatment
Erectile dysfunction treatment
Long term results with Vertica


What inside the Vertica® box | Vertica® device
Vertica® device
What inside the Vertica® box | Pad
Pad attachment
What inside the Vertica® box | Conductive gel
Conductive gel
What inside the Vertica® box | Charger
What inside the Vertica® box | User manual
What inside the Vertica® box | Premium pack
Premium case
What inside the Vertica® box | Quick user guide
Quick User Guide
What inside the Vertica® box | Warranty card
Warranty Card


Verticaplus® with the Verticaplus mobile app treats erectile dysfunction (impotence and erectile performance problems), regenerates tissue and improves the quality of erection over time using radio frequency (RF) technology. This innovative method of tissue rejuvenation in the male genital organ improves the natural mechanism of the erection mechanism, enabling spontaneous erections without the need for medications and to time the treatment near the act itself.

With the Verticaplus mobile app, you can treat using an app on your mobile device and enjoy a better treatment experience – support in operating the device, real-time feedback, tracking of your results, managing a schedule for treatments, and capability to receive remote support from a Vertica expert.

The device is approved by the Ministry of Health and complies with the European standard for medical devices (CE-2797) and in the UK by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and UKCA.


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To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to perform 3 treatments during the first month and at least 2 treatments in the second month and onwards.

Important notice! Effective treatment should last for about 15 minutes during which the device’s white LED light should be on (the light is on only when the device is emitting therapeutic energy).
For each treatment in the ‘ring’ mode (RING) and treatment in the ‘ring + pad’ mode (PAD + RING) – One 15-minute treatment session of white light is recommended.

Read more about how to use Vertica® »

Keep in mind that, as with anything related to medicine, each individual will respond differently and at a different time. For optimal results, read the detailed instructions for using the device. Beyond initial treatment with the device, which lasts between two to three months, at the start you may already feel an improvement in erectile function in the first two weeks of treatment and even experience morning erections and spontaneous erections throughout the day.

Read more about how to use Vertica® »

Sit in a comfortable and quiet place. Apply the  ultrasound/RF conductive gel along the penis to fully cover the surface.

In order to insert the penis through the ring, open the Vertica® ring by turning the handle clockwise. You will find the handle on the front part of the device. Insert the penis through the ring and pull the device as close to the body as possible. Now return the handle back such that the ring comfortably grips the penis.

Press ‘Power’ and ensure that ‘Ring’ mode is on.

Set the energy button to the desired output level .

Start with level 1 and increase to a higher level according to the desired sensation.

Press the ‘Energy’ button continuously to start treatment. A blue LED will blink, followed by the white LED light which should be ON and steady when the skin parameters are correct.

Move the device forward by about 1 cm every 30 seconds, or whenever the white LED light is off, for at least 3 seconds continuously.

When there is no more space to move forward, press the energy button again before you move. This stops the energy output immediately. Open the ring with the handle, pull the device back down to the base of the penis, and repeat the process.

After performing this process for 15 minutes of energy output (indicated by the white LED), the device will indicate that the session has ended via 3 consecutive vibrations. Total treatment time will depend on individual skin characteristics.

Connect the PAD extension to the device at the designated location (PAD connector). Switch the device to ‘Ring + Pad’ mode by pressing the ‘Power’ button. The pad cable should be facing away from your body.

Sit on the electrodes which are located at the end of the pad. Make sure they are continuously touching your skin in the perineum area, between the scrotum and the anus.

Repeat the treatment again for no less than 15 minutes according to the instructions in section 3, with the PAD accessory connected and the Pad + Ring mode activated. Be sure to move the device forward by about 1 cm every 30 seconds, or whenever the white LED light is off, for at least 3 seconds.

At the end of a treatment session, it is necessary to clean the pad accessory and the ring section of the device with regular tap water.

Open the ring area and thoroughly clean between the electrodes.

Check to make sure that no gel residue is present.

Dry the device with a clean, dry cloth.

Failure to clean the device after use may cause the gel to accumulate in the ring mechanism and impair the proper operation of the device.

In order to charge the device, the charging cable must be connected to the magnetic connector (charger port) located on the side of the device next to the control panel. Then just connect the cable to the electrical outlet.

Once the device is fully charged, it is recommended to place the device and accessories back in the case to ensure they are stored in a protected manner. Be sure to close the case with the zipper to prevent any accessories from falling out.


Specifications Vertica® device
Electric power consumption 12 watts
Voltage input range 15 VDC charger
Dimensions 340 mm 250 mm 55 mm
Input 100–240 VAC 50-60 Hz 100 VAC 0.5 amps
Voltage output 15 VDC
Current output 0.8A
Weight 170g




  • Developed by medical professionals
  • Clinically tested at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel
  • Made in Israel
  • Patented
  • The device meets all medical requirements and is approved for use by the by DHSC and the European Union (CE-MDR 2797).

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