How does the Vertica® mechanism impact erectile function?

09.12.2021 - Vertica® experts

The Vertica® device helps you to overcome erectile dysfunction with the help of radio frequency (RF) energy.

The controlled energy passes safely from the tip of the electrodes into the body and gently heats the internal tissues. During a normal erection, the blood flows through the arteries to the erection of the sex organ, causing it to expand. The tunica albuginea is a tissue enveloping the bodies of the erection that stretches, pressurizes and blocks the peripheral veins inside it, thereby preventing blood flowing out of those veins.
Erectile dysfunction is usually caused by the weakening of the blood vessels which pass the erection bodies, and of the layers of collagen comprising the tunica albuginea of the penis. A poor anatomical condition of the sex organ causes a leakage of blood outside the organ, which prevents the maintenance of a normal erection. The deterioration of the collagen structure is a natural process which occurs over the years, but this process is reversible – Vertica’s® unique technology uses RF energy which allows everyone to benefit from a simple, non-invasive, effective and convenient treatment.

The Vertica® device is designed to treat the entire organ, including the internal parts of the body. With the pad, the patients can treat the internal part of the organ in a simple and non-invasive way.

The gentle heating of the internal tissues leads to the stimulation and renewal of the collagen fibers. As a result of this, the tissue of the tunica becomes strong and vital again, and successfully blocks blood from leaving the organ. The RF energy also encourages the renewed growth of the blood vessels, and also causes a vasodilation effect and the improvement of blood flow in them.


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