There is no expiration date for sexual intercourse

10.12.2021 - Miriam Brenner

Although the nature of a relationship changes over the years, today there is no doubt that one can have a sexual relationship at any age.

Naturally, over the years, many couples experience changes in the nature of the sexual relationship. The body experiences a slowing with respect to all the systems over the years, and this does not exclude that of sexual desire. Additionally, different illnesses and the numerous medications that are required as one gets older impact greatly and cause a further slowing of the nervous and vascular systems which affect sexual desire. This slowing leads many to think that past a certain age one cannot have sexual intercourse. However, this is an incorrect assumption and it is important to know that it is possible to have sexual intercourse at any age and in any case.

Difficulty in sexual function in the elderly is a highly common phenomenon, but all the research shows that any problem with sexual function has a solution. According to studies, 70% of couples continue to have sexual intercourse at any age, even if it is in a slightly different way. Occasionally, they will express themselves more by stroking, massages, kisses and oral sex, instead of full sexual intercourse, though it is important to state that these gestures are most important to everybody’s health, as they activate the systems and blood flow. Further, from an emotional perspective, the warm touch of a partner always positively impacts quality of life and improves mood, as well as having high significance to the physical health of everyone.

However, when approaching a problem with sexual function in the elderly, it is important to remember that the central sex organ in humans is in fact the brain, and no other organ. Therefore, even if the physical condition is not as it once was, it is definitely possible to overcome any difficulty, and continue to enjoy touch and great satisfaction from sexual relations with a partner.

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