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While many men would rather not discuss the subject, the research shows that from the age of 40, many men begin to experience gradual onset of erectile dysfunction (ED).  The main cause of ED is reduced blood flow and the deterioration of the tunica albuginea tissue, a result of the natural aging process, lifestyle and co-morbidities.

We have developed Vertica® with experts in urology and advanced technologies, as a non-invasive, home use device for the treatment of ED. Thousands of men are already benefiting from their treatments with Vertica, improving their quality of life.

Our discreet and attentive customer care team is available to answer all your questions, but in the meanwhile, we’ve put together some information to help you decide if Vertica® is the right treatment for you. If you are looking for more information, visit our web site or drop us a mail.


The Vertica Customer Care Team

Vertica is a medical device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction without the need for drugs, with no side effects and no need for prescriptions. Vertica is used at home at your convenience, is irrelated to when you wish to have sexual activity and with long-lasting results. The Vertica treatment brings back spontaneous sex, enabling you to be ‘always ready’.

Vertica is intended for use by men experiencing erectile difficulties, and for those wishing to improve erectile function and prevent ED due to age-related collagen degradation in the tunica albuginea tissue.

The innovative technology is based on radiofrequency energy which warms the inner tissues triggering a physiological reaction that instigates restoration of collagen and other tissues required for optimal erectile functioning.

Yes, thousands of men already safely use Vertica! Safety is a top priority while developing Vertica, and we meet all the highest manufacturing and medical device standards, including the very stringent MDR clearance from the CE in the EU.

During our rigorous testing and clinical trials performed with Vertica, no safety issues or side effects were discovered. As with any product, always follow the included instructions for maximum safety.

Vertica is the only treatment for ED that treats the root cause. Since it is non-invasive, there are no side effects, and no requirement for a prescription. It is used in the privacy of your home, for your comfort and convenience. And thousands of men worldwide are already using Vertica to improve their sexual health.

While you’re using your device, you should feel a gentle warm sensation in your penis and perineum area (between your anus and scrotum). Many of our user’s report experiencing a pleasant warming sensation when Vertica is used.

Yes. Vertica is non-invasive and does not interfere with any of your other medications or treatments. If in doubt, please contact our Customer Care.

As we age, our natural physiological mechanisms start to deteriorate. Vertica works by restoring the physiological erection mechanism. Usually, men start to notice an improvement within the first month of treatment; some even begin to experience ‘morning wood’ and spontaneous erections throughout the day. The complete initial round of treatment usually lasts four weeks to 3 months.

Since Vertica is used at home, men maintain optimal function by using Vertica regularly, similar to going to the gym to keep fit.

The majority of the available devices, medications and surgical procedures treat the symptom of erectile dysfunction – they do not even attempt to treat the root cause. Vertica is different. It aims to treats the physiological mechanism that controls the erection and regenerates the damaged tissue.

Current solutions for improving erection quality include chemical and natural drugs, vacuum pumps, rubber rings, , penis injections, and penile implants. Most of these devices work to increase blood flow into the penis to create erections (in-flow), but they don’t stop blood from flowing out (out-flow). Vertica addresses both issues at the root cause and our users report they are already experiencing improved erections.

No side effects were reported by any of our users.

Much like maintaining good body tone requires ongoing exercise, we suggest you continue your Vertica regimen to maintain good erectile functioning.

Right now our only indication is for erectile dysfunction, but we are working on developing clinical trials for other indications, which look promising.

Our website is filled with excellent content, including explanatory videos. Read the testimonials from our satisfied customers.

If you’d like to speak to someone on the phone, our discreet and professional customer service team will be pleased to speak to you at your convenience. Feel free to call directly, or send us an email and we’ll respond.

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