I purchased a Vertica device about 8 months ago when the starting point in terms of my function was very low, even using pills didn’t help improve the function at all!
I performed the recommended treatment consistently and exactly according to instructions for the first 3 months (about 40 treatments), after which I continued with the treatments at a reduced frequency that I determined myself in order to maintain the good condition.
My function improved a lot and I began to enjoy good erections and in some cases even very good ones. I also experience spontaneous morning erections and sometimes in combination with the pill my function returned to “the old days”.
It is important for me to note that about two months have passed since the last treatment and without active maintenance treatment and my function is still excellent and to my satisfaction.
From my personal experience I highly recommend using the device.



I am still processing my recent experience, after 5 Vertica Sessions.  This is only an interim reporting. I think that there is going to be a Real Success Story that is Going to be Told in the way of an Upcoming Testimonial.

I achieved a  90%  erection, and successful ejaculation !  Always having been conservative and cautious, I am a little reluctant to say something at this relatively early stage, however, my excitement is beyond ecstatic.

After 25 years, without the aid of meds or a Penis Pump, I have achieved an organic sexual experience !  More to follow later.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

R, 69 years old. Ontario, Canada

Opinions about Vertica on reddit

From Reddit

Opinions about Vertica on reddit

From Reddit

Opinions about Vertica on redditOpinions about Vertica on reddit

From Reddit

I’ve been using the Vertica device now for two months as recommended. During the first month, I used it 3 times a week, and in the second month, I used it twice a week.

I want to highlight that I am experiencing significant improvement, with longer erections, and I can now have relations twice a week. In the morning when I wake up I have a morning erection like I did when I was 18. Another thing is that my libido returned, which had been dormant for almost a decade. I have diabetes, I don’t drink, and I am afraid to take any pills – so for me this is a genius invention and has given me a reason to live.

Thank you!



H, 66 years old | Recommendation for a Vertica device

I am 41 years old, self-employed and happily married.
I purchased the Vertica device about 3 months ago as I was suffering from significant and persistent erectile function problems that were not resolved even with the help of pills prescribed by my doctor.
I have juvenile diabetes and take insulin to treat my diabetes as well as take pills to manage my blood pressure. Since using the device, my life has changed in this respect, my erectile function has improved a lot and I am very satisfied with the results.
I even told the company representative that ‘if the Vertica device helps me to perform the way I do today, surely it can benefit a lot of people’. I highly recommend the use of Vertica.


Y, 41 years old | Recommendation for a Vertica device

I’m 69 years old and I purchased a Vertica device about 10 months ago in order to improve my function. I performed the recommended treatment for two months, after which I decided the frequency of the treatments in order to maintain the condition.

My erections improved a lot and I started to enjoy good erections and, in some cases, even very good ones. Today I approach (the act) much more relaxed, and I am less stressed and plan less and I let ‘him’ do his own thing… and above all, without any need to put chemicals in my mouth.

When you feel confident, it’s a STATE OF MIND.  I’m an active person and it suits me very well.

I certainly highly recommend using the device.



A, 69 years old | Recommendation for a Vertica device

I have been using Vertica for 5 months, and currently I use it once a week, sitting freely in front of the TV during the treatment.
I feel much better – I wake up with morning erections that I didn’t have before using Vertica and I also manage to maintain my erection during intercourse without falling throughout the act.
I don’t really like this double click of yours but overall, I am very satisfied with the improvement and the feeling in general. I thought about stopping using it but right now I prefer to continue because the results are really good.



D, 64 years old | Recommendation for a Vertica device

I bought the device about five months ago. I used it for 3 months and then I felt that it was good enough, so I stopped. Now I intend to return to use it again.
I went to a sleep laboratory not long ago for a checkup, and it turned out that I had 5 full erections while sleeping.
I don’t like this wire that works with the device, I think you should look for a more convenient solution for it because sometimes it disconnects.



A, 65 years old | Recommendation for a Vertica device

Hi, I am a retired physician from ******* Hospital – my specialty is *******.

I have been using Vertica RF device and believe that it has made a substantial contribution in developing a very good erection. I am post-radiotherapy for ****** around 9 years ago.
Are you able to supply additional US gel for continued usage. I don’t want to buy a large quantity – but am prepared to acquire 2 bottles if possible.

With many thanks,
R***** ****** M.D.


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R, 82 years old | Recommendation for a Vertica device

I bought the device two months ago after a consultation with a urologist and some more time of deliberation.
Due to time constraints, I did not use it exactly according to the recommendations in terms of the number of treatments per week, but despite this I began to feel an improvement in the intensity of erections and more morning erections.
I must point out that the instructions were not always clear to me – how much gel to put, what level to use, when to move forward, is it possible to treat more than 3 times a week – but in a representative of the company (Doron) answered all my questions in one phone call.
Bottom line – the device may not be perfect, but it fully meets the test of the result.


A, 47 years old | Recommendation for a Vertica device

After two months of use according to the instructions, sexual function returned at a level reasonable enough to have sex. I enjoy an erection strong enough to have sex with my wife. Before that, I couldn’t have sex at all. At first, I took an erection pill that accompanies the use of the device according to the recommendation of the attending physician. After two months of use I did an experiment and completely stopped using the device and only took an erection pill.

Voila! I couldn’t have sex because the erection didn’t last after a minute of sex. That’s the proof I needed to understand that Vertica’s device saved my sex life. I understand that this is not a perfect long-term solution because I will always be dependent on the device, but on the other hand I am alive and well with sex and an improved relationship with my wife. It definitely meets the expectations, doubts and concerns I had before I started treatments with the device. Today I am grateful to all concerned. I of course recommend to all who are in doubt!



A, 53 years old | Recommendation for a Vertica device