Penis Enlargement Treatments – Do They Really Work?

29.11.2022 - Ori Gidor

The truth about the various supplements, ointments, injections and devices

Let’s talk about “the size”. So many men are concerned about the size of their penis, and for some, this can cause a great deal of anxiety or have negative consequences on their body image, self-confidence, mental well-being and even their sexual performance. This is largely because a larger penis size has always been equated by the average man with a symbol of masculinity. All that has fueled a multimillion-dollar industry, which includes supplements, lotions, devices, injections and surgery for penile enlargement. But are these treatments really safe and effective?


The Member Measure – the Standard and the Micro-Penis

Firstly, it is noteworthy that most men have no real reason to get anxious.

Even if there are considerable length differences between penises in the flaccid state, when they are erect their average length is about 13.5 cm. Furthermore, a man with a big flaccid penis does not necessarily has a big erect penis, and research actually shows that smaller flaccid penises can grow by 86% when they are erect. Bigger flaccid penises, on the other hand, can “only” grow by 47%. Hence, it is essential to keep in mind 2 things: the size should be measured only in the erect state So in fact, and a penis will be considered relatively small, only if it measures less than 8 cm when it is erect – a condition called micro-penis.

Secondly, you should remember that women have somatic innervation only 4-7 cm in the inferior third of the vagina, therefore each and every 8 cm erect penis can potentially pleasure them. And there is of course the girth parameter – which is responsible for causing pleasure whenever a man rubs his penis against a woman’s vagina’s walls.

Finally, it could be argued that 95% of penises are average-sized during erection and a large penis does not necessarily make one a better lover.

But can a penis get actually enlarged? Bellow is a review of the various penis enlargement methods, their advantages and disadvantages.


Dietary Supplements and Topical Treatments

The market today is flooded with numerous natural treatment options, be it supplements, pills or powders – all claiming to enhance penis size naturally. However, there is no evidence that any of these actually work and while at best they may contain harmless (though inefficacious) substances, at worst they might be harmful and have side effects. Other products, use such as lotions, creams and oils are likewise advertised as being able to increase penis size by being applied directly to the organ. However, they often contain hormones, medications that increase blood flow or essential oils said to promote penile cell proliferation. But there is no scientific evidence supporting these claims size and some products might even cause skin irritation or allergy.


Physical Techniques


There are various devices in the market which are claimed to help increase penis length using traction. The most common one is a weighted device connected to the shaft of the penis and worn daily for several hours, to gradually stretch the penis.

But does it really work? There is no substantial scientific evidence in support of this method, except for a small pilot study suggesting effectiveness in people with Peyronie’s disease – a condition that causes abnormal penile curvature. On the other hand, such devices are not approved for use by the Ministry of Health, and there is evidence suggesting they can cause penile injuries and bruises.


Vacuum Pumps

Penis pumps are usually used as aids to promote erections. These devices operate by placing over the penis and using suction to engorge it with blood and induce an erection prior to sexual intercourse. However, if used consistently over a long period of time (a few times per week for half an hour), the device may cause penile tissue to become “spongy” having a thicker appearance. But there is no evidence that vacuum pumps can increase the length of a penis, and it is known that such long-term use can cause bruising and bleeding, reduction in penile sensitivity and even the undermining of the erectile mechanism.


Aesthetic Medicine – Injectable Fillers

In recent years, injectables have been used primarily by aesthetic physicians to increase penile girth. This field is still considered experimental.


Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring compound in the body, used a lot as a means of adding volume to the skin and for smoothing wrinkles. It can also be injected along the penis (under local anesthesia) as an effective means of increasing penile girth and even its length – by 2-3 cm (usually noticeable in the flaccid state). The main benefits are that the procedure is quite safe, quick and has an immediate effect, although some men report loss of penile sensitivity.  Hyaluronic Acid breaks and gets reabsorbed by the body within a year or two, and to maintain its effect one must repeat the procedure.


Surgical Procedures

Autologous Fat Injection

This procedure is carried out under general anesthesia and involves the extraction of fat (liposuction), which is then injected along the shaft of the penis. The procedure is considered safe, though much of the injected fat gets reabsorbed after a relatively short period of time. The injection increases penile girth by approx. 2 cm and its length (when flaccid) by up to 4 cm. The preliminary result can be seen within 5-10 days, but the success of the treatment can only be examined after 3-4 months (absorption of 80% of the injected fat). If unsuccessful, the procedure may be repeated to achieve an optimal result. The risks include injecting too much fat, which can cause uneven absorption, leading to lumps, scar tissue formation and an abnormal shape of the penis. There is a recovery period of 10-14 days.


Penis Enlargement Surgery

This procedure involves a surgical technique in which the ligament that anchors the penis to the pubic bone is detached, allowing the penile shaft to extend forward and therefore elongate. The incision is then stitched using dissolvable stitches.  The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and it allows for penile elongation by 3-5 cm mainly in the flaccid state. It is a complex procedure which requires a recovery time. The risks include a post operative infection, the penis being less stable when erect and sometimes weaker erections, scar tissue formation and penile curvature.


When it comes to injections and surgeries, a specialist should be consulted and extra caution should be exercised, as these procedures might negatively impact the function and the appearance of the organ, and cause a permanent, irreversible damage.



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