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Anat Ben David

Specialist Sexologist, Clinical Social Worker, and specialist in emotional, sexual and couples therapy. Certified and recognized by ISST (Israeli Society for Sex Therapy). Anat holds more than 20 years of experience in the field, and currently manages a private clinic in Herzliya. In the past she worked for many years as the Clalit HMO Regional Sexologist and established the sexual therapy unit at the Ministry of Health branch in Netanya. Anat integrates a diversity of therapeutic tools in her professional activities, believes in the body-mind connection, and in a results focused approach. Therapy begins with a thorough understanding of the problem’s origin. This allows finding the optimal solution for the individual and the couple. The therapeutic method relates to the emotional and behavioral aspects, and provides practical exercises, identifying and changing norms of thinking, and working on the couple and sexual relationship.

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