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Dr. Daniela Mazor

PhD in Social Work and Certified Sexual Therapist. Facilitating individuals and couples coping with difficulties in all things sex related (function, identity, preferences, trauma, insufficient sexual education, etc.). For over 14 years I have been active in the field of sexuality and deficiencies in diverse frameworks, such as the Sexual Assault Assistance Center, Open Door, The Journey Center and more, being areas I delved into as part of my doctoral studies. My research dealt with the social structuring of sexuality among with impairments compared to women without. The results were surprising and very encouraging. Sexuality is an inherent part of life. Sex is a physical need but primarily it is an emotional one. It adds spice to our a person’s daily life. This varied and rich field led me to professional clinical specialization, and researching it in depth not only as part of my doctoral studies but in additional areas of research. Over the past few years I have assisted hundreds of individuals and couples in finding and expressing their potential in quality couplehood and sexuality. Mostly, I assisted my clients with finding opportunities to choose and enjoy.

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