The New Hit of the Famous German urologist

21.04.2024 - Vertica® experts

The name Dr. Stefan Buntrock may not be known to most people, but among the medical community in Germany he is considered a household name and an expert in his fields of practice: andrology, sexology and urology. His newest ‘toy’ is not for sex, as one might think, but is an advanced medical device, which is already changing the lives of thousands of men all over the world – and this is what he thinks about it.


Dr. Stefan Buntrock runs an active content channel on YouTube called UroChannel with over 200 thousand followers worldwide who follow his entertaining videos in the field of functional urology and impotence disorders in particular. Buntrock’s YouTube channel includes hundreds of videos in German and English with over 32 million views.

The Aging Process – Not Only White Hair

It was only fit that Dr Buntrock would review the Vertica, a patented medical device which uses radiofrequency to treat erectile dysfunction. Dr. Buntrock  received the Vertica device to review and after learning about the uniqueness of the device and the innovative therapeutic concept Vertica brings to the world of medicine, he decided to test it and share his conclusions about its effectiveness with his followers.

In his video, he describes why Vertica is a gamechanger in erectile dysfunction treatments. “The aging process and normal erectile function often do not go together,” says Dr. Buntrock, “Penile anatomy will inevitably suffer during the aging process. The existence of a normal erection over time results not only from a normal supply of blood to the organ, but also from a lifestyle that respects the body and includes avoiding smoking, regular physical activity and a healthy diet.”

“My new ‘toy’ works like a cucumber mask that you put on your face to renew the collagen tissues. The device regenerates the collagen fibers found in the penis, and it can be used at home, at a time convenient for the patient, for example while watching TV.”

“Vertica,” explains Dr. Buntrock, “works to restore the collagen fibers found in the sheath of the penis. Dermatologists have been using the principle of collagen tissue renewal for decades to treat various skin conditions.  The innovative heating technology is done using low-frequency radio waves, and is completely painless.”

Dr. Buntrock also adds that “The dermatological principle of the device is based on the principle of collagen restoration, which indirectly and directly helps to improve and maintain erectile function. As you get older and pass the age of fifty, the erectile system weakens (due to the weakening of the collagen fibers), and to strengthen it, treatment is necessary.”

“Many men tend to ignore this problem, but time cannot be stopped – and the more time passes and the deterioration continues, the more difficult it is to treat. If the person starts treatment when he suffers from mild to moderate erectile problems, it will be possible to restore and improve his erectile functions.”


Field Proven Unique Heating Technology

“Why are such dramatic changes associated with heat?” Dr. Buntrock asks the viewers, and immediately explains: “During the heating of the organ using the Vertica device, the temperature of the penis reaches 43-41 degrees Celsius, and it is possible that the heating leads to an increased release of nitric oxide, the most important gas in the erection process.”

“A number of laboratory studies conducted on the device showed very positive results,” he explains, “but in my eyes, the most innovative and gratifying thing is the fact that anyone can purchase the device without a doctor’s prescription and use it independently to maintain the erection mechanism. The device has the potential to prevent leakage of blood from the organ, and there is no doubt that it provides an excellent solution for the older population, for whom erectile dysfunction is considered a common medical nuisance.”

No Side Effects – And High Efficiency

“So far,” states Dr. Buntrock, “no negative side effects have been observed using this device, and it has been successfully sold and widely distributed throughout Europe. It’s only a matter of time before it reaches America and gets FDA approval. In fact, I started treating my patients using the device,” Dr. Buntrock shares with his viewers, and even adds saying: “The purchase of the device is discreet and is made online and with the support of representatives of the company. As I mentioned, preventive care and maintenance may be significant in the future – and the innovative technology does prove to be effective in the long and short term.”


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