Personal customer feedback on Vertica’s at-home ED treatment

31.05.2023 - Vertica® experts

Daniel Lischinsky, founder & inventor of Vertica, the world’s first non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction, was recently featured in the popular podcast “Actually Serious” with hosts Aaron Poris and Channa Rifkin.

During the straightforward conversation, Daniel explained the reasons why we don’t usually hear about erectile dysfunction (ED), even though approximately 50% of men over the age of 50 will experience ED at some time in their lives.  Expanding on the backstory behind the development, Daniel explained how his previous experience with radio frequency technology and its effect on collagen production led to discussions with medical professionals who explained how collagen is involved in the mechanics of erections. This knowledge eventually led to the development of Vertica, which uses radiofrequency to increase collagen production, and thus, erectile functioning.

Lastly, Daniel treated listeners to several of the many success stories of men who used Vertica, and were so satisfied with its success that they wrote, called, and even visited the company offices to share their stories of success. Listen to the complete podcast here.

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